The following is a nearly complete archive of flamingfords.com, the famous 1996 - 2002 website about flaming ignition switches.
It was re-created at flamingfords.info on 11-1-03.

What caused this truck to burst into flames could happen to
any of 26 Million other Ford vehicles in the U.S. and Canada!

We'd like to thank Mike Smith for permission
to use his cartoon on this Website.

Mike is a FORMER Ford owner and
an Editorial Cartoonist for the Las Vegas Sun.

"On some of the affected vehicles, a short circuit could develop in the ignition switch that
could lead to overheating, smoke and possibly fire in the steering column area of the vehicle.
The condition may occur while the vehicle is in use or unattended."

From November 29, 1995
By J. B. White
Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited

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(Current U.S. Recall Information Included)

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  • Additional Press Releases
    Ford Sued to Replace 26 Million Ignition Switches (02/08/96)
    Ford: Recall for Ignition Switches Unwarranted (04/17/96)

    Ford: Safety Recall Announced (04/25/96)

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